Financial Planning

“I provide clients with a clear understanding of their present  situation and a fiduciary-level evaluation of their options going  forward in a way that is empowering, educational and collaborative.  I enjoy helping people problem solve and plan for their future.”

                                                    – Laura Wilcox MS, CFP®

Financial Planning is a comprehensive and integrated look at all areas of your financial and legal life.  At a minimum, this should include the following topics: 

  • Estate planning
  • Insurance planning
  • Investment planning
  • Multi-generational planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Tax planning

It all starts with your one-hour, no charge, confidential educational session.

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Let’s work together toward your goals.

Your no-charge confidential educational session is an opportunity for you to discuss your goals and aspirations and get some feedback from a Fiduciary. I cannot legally give you advice without a signed financial planning engagement and a better understanding of your situation. I can explain financial planning concepts, common errors, general financial strategies and will be able to provide education on your specific areas of interest.   My hope is to provide you with some perspective and clarity.


It all starts with your one-hour, no charge, confidential educational session.

Call (414) 529-5599 to schedule.

Financial Planning Process

Year One


Share  |  Educate  |  Understand

At your first financial planning meeting, we sign your Financial Planning Engagement. We then have a discussion about you.  We discuss your needs, values, goals and objectives.  You will be sent home with personalized list of documents and information to gather.  You can provide information either digitally via uploads to your personal financial VAULT or by gathering together all of your actual documents and statements for us.


Data  |  Documents  |  Goals

At your gather meeting, we will do a cursory review of your documents with you and ask you more questions.  If necessary, we can help you call companies or professionals to obtain missing documents or statements.  If you need additional time for this process, we can schedule a second gather meeting.  The objective is to document the data that will be used as the basis of your written financial plan.


    Objectives |  Issues  |  Strategies 

    In this meeting, you receive your Baseline Net Worth Report and Cash Flow Projection.  We review this carefully for accuracy and completeness, and literally “sign-off” on moving forward to the next stage.  We can then together identify and prioritize issues and opportunities and prepare your data for analysis.


    Assumptions  |  Scenarios  |  Projections  

    At this meeting, we go beyond the baseline and begin using integrated analyses to show you your various options.  Projections are run out to your age 100 unless you specify otherwise.  We can stress test scenarios by illustrating negative life events, like disability, incapacity or death.  We can also stress test for inflation, changing interest rates, negative tax environments and more.  This education allows you to determine the final assumptions used in your plan.

      Written Plan

      Summation  |  Reports  |  Fiduciary Advice

      You will receive a written financial plan that touches on all topic areas agreed upon in your Financial Planning Engagement.  It will include a projection of your current “baseline” situation and projections illustrating alternative courses of action.  Your plan will include written recommendations and education, where applicable.  During this meeting, we review your plan together and you are given time to ask questions and receive more education.


      Completing Tasks Together

      We will continue meeting regularly to work on the projects that were outlined in your financial plan.  We collaborate together with your other professionals to get things done quickly and accurately.  We help you document your progress towards your goals.

        Years Two+

        Long-term Monitoring of Your Plan

        We offer the following service options AFTER your first full-year of financial planning.

        FULL SERVICE ENGAGEMENT: Year-round Advice and Assistance

        With a full engagement, we do a comprehensive annual review designed to keep your financial information up-to-date and organized for you and for those who might help you in the future:

        • We update your personal financial website
        • We add documents and statements to your digital vault
        • We update your “hard-copy” binder which you have for quick and easy reference when digital is not an option
        • We give you an updated Net Worth report
        • We give you an updated Lifetime Cash Flow projection


        With regular meetings throughout the year, we have much more time to:

        • discuss life events and economic news
        • review correspondence and help you take action, if required
        • work on identity theft risk reduction strategies
        • explore more options and run more projections
        • implement special tax strategies
        • pull together tax documents with you each year and collaborate with your tax professional
        • review estate planning matters and collaborate with your attorney
        • review insurance matters and collaborate with your insurance agents
        • review investment accounts and collaborate with your advisors
        LIMITED ENGAGEMENT: A 2-Hour Annual Review Meeting

        With the limited engagement, we have one 2-hour meeting each year during which I review any documents and new information. I will provide you with my advice in writing. You are responsible for Implementation. Additional meetings and conversations are not included. 

        Laura Wilcox, MS, CFP®

        I am the owner and founder of the Financial Planning Center for Women in Greendale, Wisconsin. I work with my daughter, Dawn, who is my office manager. I have been a Certified Financial PlannerTM professional for over 25 years and I received a Master’s Degree in Personal Finance in 2005.

        My mission is to provide clients with a clear understanding of their present situation and an evaluation of their options going forward in a way that is empowering, educational and collaborative. I enjoy helping people problem solve and plan for their future.

        I offer fee-based financial planning, financial education, crisis advocacy and coaching to everyone. I specialize in helping women through difficult transitions.

        In my free time I enjoy cooking, reading classic mystery novels, gardening and hiking with my dogs, Noodle and Sugar. 

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        As a reminder, please do not send any confidential information via email. A personal “Vault” can be set up so that confidential information and documents can be safely shared.

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